Independent Musician's Guide 2011 Edition - eBook - Independent Music Distribution for Solo Artists and Bands Worldwide

Independent Musicians 30 Minute Guide to Sell Your Music in the Largest Online Music Stores without a Major Label Guaranteed. Independent Music Distribution for Any Music Artist or Band.

1. Are you the kind of person that likes the "do-it-your-self" method to accomplish your goals so YOU are in control?

2. Are you an Independent Artist or Band that has recorded your own original music, filed your copyright protection and is ready to sell your music to the masses online?

3. Have you been confused on how to market your music on the internet? Are you Consistently hitting dead ends always waiting on someone to "Approve" your music in order to get distributed? Or can't even find the right people to send it to for distribution in major online stores?

4. Do you have a limited budget ($100 hundred dollars or so) to work with but want worldwide exposure for your music? (without getting ripped off, again...)

5. Are you sick of hitting dead ends when trying to get retail distribution for your music in the largest online stores like iTunes and Napster?

6. Do you want a step-by-step guide for:

7. Are you a Music Teacher, Music Instructor or Music Professor and would love to give your students legitimate advice on how to get their music to the masses using the internet and not be at the mercy of the Major Record Labels and Rip-off Artists?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you will highly benefit by purchasing our eBook called " Independent Musicians 30 Minute Guide to Sell your Music in the Largest Online Music Stores without a Major Label Guaranteed.

This ebook gives independent music artists, bands, record labels and others the instructions, tools, and contact information needed to submit their music to distributors without involving a middle man, an agency, or a management company. After you have submitted your music, it takes about 90 days to populate your music through out all the online stores.When completed your music will be available in major online stores like iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody and many others in up to 29 countries GUARANTEED if you use our #1 recommended independent music distribution company.

This ebook is a STEP-BY-STEP guide to sell your music in Major online music stores like iTunes, Napster & MSN Guaranteed. The ebook contains all the contacts to get your worldwide distribution deals in the largest online music retailers.

This is an honest guide that cuts through all the bull and gives you cold hard facts on how to get your music distributed in the top online stores along with other facts to take a professional approach to your music career.

You will not have to read through hundreds of pages of filler that beats around the bush. You will be provided with the straight facts and contacts you need to get your music project to the next level.

No Risk Guarantee. We are so confident you will get your music distributed, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unsuccessful in setting up an agreement with a distributor in the first 30 days of purchasing your eBook, after making an honest effort, we will refund your money.

If you are like most Independent Artists that take their music career seriously and crave exposure and success, this do it your self independent music distribution eBook is a must have in your arsenal to sell your music online just like the major labels . We Promise this will be money well spent toward your real music career.

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This ebook is the only Thing You Need For Independent Music Distribution Worldwide 100% Guaranteed. If You Buy This Ebook, YOU WILL Have Your Band or Solo Artist Project in up to 29 Countries Worldwide In Major Online Music Retailers. This is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.

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